Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A success story of McDonald's and Indian Entreprenures

McDonald's a truly global company established its first restaurant in 13th October 1996 at Basant lok, New Delhi. Keeping in mind the cultural sensitivity in India, McDonald's changed its complete manu. It was McDonald's first experience to serve vegetarian Burgers rather than serving Beef and pork items.

McDonald’s team in India did many years of extensive research in India before launching their product in the Indian market and they found many critical issues to look after. Some of the major issues were like lack of proper cold storage, standardized suppliers, price sensitivity of Indian customers, underdeveloped logistics. All credit goes to McDonalds research team that they were successful enough to build strong strategies. As a resultant they developed a very strong and efficient supply chain for their restaurants in India. They pioneered the development of cold storage chain in India.

McDonald's encouraged many large as well as small scale entrepreneurs in India. Amrit Food, Mrs. Bectors Food Specialties Ltd, Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Ltd, Vista Processed Foods, Meena Agriculture Farms, Agro farms (Now, Green Earth Fresh Produce) are the distinctive sourcing for McDonalds. Schrieber Dynamix Dairies is a Joint Venture between Schreiber Foods USA (51%) and K.M. Goenka group (49%) and Vista Processed Foods is a Joint Venture between OSI Industries (USA) which is one of its largest suppliers for the chicken range of products across the globe since 2001.

McDonald's have helped their suppliers to achieve the desired quality standards by providing them effecient guidance and have also provided technical assistance. Agriculture technologies were also introduced for the year round cultivation of Iceberg Lettuce in India. McDonalds have completely outsourced the Logistics and ware house storage to Radhakrishna Foodland. Some of the critical aspect for McDonald's supply chain were on time delivery of the ingredients to the restaurants, forecasting the demand and procurement thereafter, maintaining a healthy relationship between buyers and sellers, cost effectiveness, cold storage chain right from indirect suppliers to the restaurants to maintain the quality and freshness, customer service.


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