Saturday, August 11, 2012

Market potential for Organic food

Data and Research reveals that residues of most chemicals pass through the food chain and settle down in the human body causing most dangerous diseases and abnormalities to man kind.But there is a way out to solve this problem “Go Organic”.

Organic cultivation means growing crops without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals, fertilizers and other artificial treatments.According to the scientific report Organicaly cultivated crops are more in nutritive value than the conventional way of cultivation.

The concept of consuming organic food is getting more and more popular among Indians now a days since people are acquiring more awareness about the ill effect of synthetic chemicals to their health as well as to the environment.Even T.V programmes like Satyamav Jayate in Starplus has also contributed to the awareness of the issue.

But due to high cost of cultivation compared to conventional way of cultivation the price of organic food is comparatively more.Due to increase of awareness among people the demand for organic food is increasing in the market.Many places in India specialy places like Nagaland, Arunachal, Meghayala has acquired the organic cultivation certificate from various Govt approved certifing Agencies and they are doing organic cultivation.

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